Ultra Pixel Survival

Are you ready to enter a harsh world with pixel-style graphics full of perils while playing Ultra Pixel Survive, an exciting action-survival RPG game? Your mission appears to be straightforward, but if you want to live as long as possible, you'll have to put in your best effort.

To make it to the end of the game alive and become the game's sole survivor, you'll need to gather a variety of resistant materials, such as wood, stone, and various precious stones, and construct barriers to protect yourself from your opponents, as well as ovens to cook and anvils to improve your weapons. Will you be able to create your character far more tenacious and dangerous than the others in order to save your life and finish the game with the others? Don't give up in the face of danger; instead, show your bravery and wisdom by surviving to the end with the help of a small boomerang. Best of luck...

How to play

Ultra Pixel Survival6 votes. 3.25 / 5
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