Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

The horror-filled game Slendrina X : The Dark Hospital will make all gamers shiver to their core. The story takes place at a former hospital that was destroyed by a terrible accident many years ago. The location is haunted by a terrifying being. You can find a way out by looking at the corridors in a first-person perspective. You should be able avoid the evil spirit if you act stealthily and keep your silence. If you feel threatened, run for cover behind any object and keep your mouth shut. Keep your health intact for five days and then escape the evil monstrosity. This game is linked to the Slenderman universe, for those who don't know. This story centers on a bizarre, unnamed figure with long limbs and no face. He feeds off the souls of mortals. Many entries are dedicated to his family members. The terror and tension in Slendrina X The Dark Hospital have been turned up to 11. You will learn how to defeat the ghost and uncover the mysteries it holds.


How to play

  • Point and click the mouse to explore the area.
  • Tap the W and S buttons to move forward or backward.
  • To strafe left or right, use A and D.
  • The crouching menu will be displayed by pressing C one time.
  • Although it moves slower than normal movement, it makes no noise and attracts far less attention.
  • You can interact with many items and unlock doors by pressing the F key.
  • Press G to release whatever the character is currently holding.
  • You should check to see if the young, evil girl is hiding in the house.
  • You can find clues and other things that could save your life, so you can escape without getting hurt.
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