is a game where you aim to be the strongest monster. This is a dangerous arena full of creatures. You can only survive in this dangerous environment if you are able to win. Do you have the courage to let go of the monster that is hidden within you to win and save your life? This amazing 3D game will test your resolve. There will be many unfortunate humans who are crushed by the monster in this arena. You are one of those creatures. It is important to remember that you start the game as a relatively weak monster. Your level will increase and your size will change depending on how many other players you eliminate. You will eventually be able to crash into enemies of lower levels than you. If you do it right, this will allow you to compete in the arena. If you have the biggest monster at the end and the highest level, you will win the round. Keep in mind that you may be able to unlock more monsters, increase your speed and strength, purchase additional lives, and so on. Get out there and conquer your weaker enemies, monsters or humans, now! You can have fun playing against other players while you play this 3D games.

How to play

How To Play

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