FNaF Shooter

Your survival in FNaF Shooter will depend on the brave warrior you are. Although you had a brilliant plan to do some shopping and then go home, you neglected the final contact and were left stuck at the shopping mall the entire day. You will need to fight for you life in this difficult situation.

One would not believe being kept in a shopping centre would be a painful experience. It's because those who were taken into custody late at night there are never seen again that nobody can guess what's happening. The truth is, the ferocious electronic mascots of the store come to life every night and chase away the last remaining customers. It is up to you now to break the vicious circle by eliminating all the huge, giant electronic bears one-by-one. The map located in the right hand corner of the screen will help you. You can take a look on the map to find the hiding places of your adversaries. Keep in mind that you must protect yourself at any cost and that you must aim for their heads if you want to destroy them completely.

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How to play

How To Play FNaF Shooter

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