Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza will continue to operate as usual, and will you dare to visit us again in the future? Please keep in mind that FNAF 2 is significantly more tough and frightening than FNAF 1 since there is no longer a security door to protect you. Do you believe you'll be able to make it through many nights?

How to play

  • You use the mouse and Spacebar to perform the actions in the game.
  • Move the mouse down to the white arrow to open and close the cameras and move it down the red arrow to put on the mask.
  • Click on the lights on the side to turn them on or off and press Spacebar on the rooms on the camera feed or on the main hallway in front to turn on the lights there.


Tips and Tricks

  1. Use the lights conservatively to save power.
  2. You should play the game with headphones on to experience the game’s creepy atmosphere in full.
Five Nights at Freddy's 234 votes. 4.29 / 5
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