Happy Wheels
Wings Rush 2

Before you begin this runner adventure, stretch your legs and fingers. You'll need your lightning-quick legs and dexterous fingers now more than ever. In this entertaining running game, your goal is to complete the stages while avoiding hazardous obstacles such as spikes, wild animals, and other hazards. Even if the odds are stacked against you, you can finish this assignment and bring this adventure to a close. Travel through the Green Hill, Marble, and Desert zones. Each level contains a few checkpoints. You can respawn from that spot if you break them by leaping on them. Collect all of the rings and gems to gain access to the in-game shop, where you may purchase new and faster characters. Keep an eye out for potential stumbling blocks! They can occur in areas you wouldn't expect. To double leap, click or tap twice. You can be the one to beat the animals if you jump on them! Now, good luck, and have a good time playing!

How to play

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