Squid Battle Simulator

Command a massive Squid army from the comfort of your own home! Become the commander in charge of both gamers and soldiers. Prepare to send the manager, his front man, and employees into combat with coffins. Examine the manner in which your shooters are firing at the adversary's positions. Take command of a doll that keeps an eye out for adversaries and kills them when they move. Conquer and defeat all of your opponents. Your tactical abilities must be demonstrated! Establish your position as the world's top general.

How to play

  • WASD + Right mouse button (hold down) - standard movement WASD - alternate movement Shift - speed up the movement Q / E - rotate the camera Left mouse button - create a unit Right Mouse Button + CTRL - delete Unit.
Squid Battle Simulator2 votes. 3.25 / 5
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