I'm not a Monster: Wanna Live

Have you ever been intrigued by the history of Huggy Wuggy before becoming so furious at an abandoned toy factory? Discover the truth and rescue our cherished companion together. In this game, you will be taken on a journey with a little girl as she attempts to save her childhood toy, Huggy Wuggy, which is based on a hypothesis called Poppy Animation. You will take on the character of that young lady and accomplish all of the challenging level games on her path.


Huggy is first seen enclosed behind a glass container at the beginning of the chapter. Your embrace would be much appreciated by Huggy Wuggy. He is not a monster in the traditional sense of the word. Make an effort to offer him your warm touch and bring him back to life.

How to play

How To Play I'm not a Monster: Wanna Live

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